Brahma proves that Chandru can handle action and masala films and can give whole some entertainer with right dosage of suspense’s drama and Thrills

 Upendra dominates the film in different way as he said earlier in the interviews he fallowed what chandru has instructed and he rocks in action, sentimental and comedy sequences. Chandru has taken Upendra’s acting talent without giving lengthy dialogs’

Pranitha shown as glamour doll and fit to the role perfectly and onscreen chemistry is perfect with upendra

Comedy is the highlight of the film Rangayana Raghu, Upendra and Saadhu Kokila excels in comic scenes and gives fresh comedy breath in recent films

Action Scenes are composed very well and Malaysia chasing scenes are very well pictured   and cinematography is excellent take the film to next level of entertainment.

Songs by Guru Kiran are already chartbusters and they are good on screen with visuals. Background music is excellent
if Chandru made more effort on essaying the screen play to make it little simple then film may get more marks for their efforts R Chandru has chosen a fantastic subject. He has made use of the graphics and high technical values perfectly to suit his subject.

Overall Verdict: Brilliant Entertainer with good story, acting action. Go and watch it with family

rating: 3.75/5


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