Brahma First Week Collection in Kannada Box Office

In KANNADA on February 15, 2014 at 11:11 am


As per Sandalwood  box office report film has collected Rs 3.25 Crores on Friday 2.55 Crores on  Saturday and 3.30 Crores on Sunday Hence  9.10 Crores further On Monday film collected approx 2.20 Crores and Tuseday 2.25 Crores taking total collection 13.55 Crores  hence the film has become the fastest Kannada Film to cross the box-office collection of Rs 10 crore.

There is no change in Box office collection  of Brahma it is actually making roaring business in the single screen Theaters on  Wednesday film has collected 2.40 and Thursday also made 2.40 Crores Hence total box office collection first week will be   gross 18.35 Crores which is record for any local language film

Film may continue its good business in second week also.

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